Kids Athletics Introduction

IAAF Kids’ Athletics

The “IAAF Kids Athletics” Programme aims to ensure a steady and sustainable policy of development of the sport of Athletics. The aim of which is to introduce Children to Athletics at a basic level.

The programme is not intended only for clubs and Member Federations but also for schools and all institutions who are interested in the well being of children.

The IAAF aims to popularise athletics in the six areas through a programme of several competitions called “A Team Event for Children”, which comprises of three event groups: Sprinting/Running Event Group, Jumping Event Group and a Throwing Event Group. There are three age categories targeted by the programme: 7-8 yrs, 9-10 yrs and 11-12 yrs.

The IAAF has already initiated a programme to educate the lecturers and coaches who will run this “IAAF Kids Athletics” Programme.

Please find further details in the pdf-document on the right hand side column of this page.

For further information or require clarification on any matter related to this project, please contact:

Abdel Malek El-Hebil
Senior Manager
Member Services Department
Telephone: + 377 93 10 88 04
Fax: + 377 93 15 95 15

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